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GNU Health Thymbra

GNU Health is a Free/Libre project for health practitioners, health institutions and governments. It provides the functionality of Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Hospital Management (HMIS), Lab Information Management System (LIMS) and Health Information System (HIS). Thymbra is in the core of GNU Health development.

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GNU Health Courses

GNU Health Courses
GNU Health Fundamentals

The GNU Health Fundamentals provides the foundation to the Hospital Management Information System component and its integration in the GNU Health ecosystem.

You will learn how to use GNU Health in your daily practice, including patient management, laboratory, medical imaging and internal processes such as financial or stock management.

You will learn the concepts of modules, data dictionary, reporting and user management, so you can properly design and implement GNU Health in your health institution.

The GNU Health Fundamentals is required for more advanced courses in the GNU Health Academy.

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GNU Health Courses
Reporting, Interfaces and Interoperability

GNU Health excels in the use of industry standards. In this course you'll learn how to:

  • Create new reports
  • Customize reports
  • Non-interactive data reporting
  • Export and import data
  • Connect to lab equipment
  • Interoperate with other health information systems
  • Use the GNU Health HL7 FHIR server for queries
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GNU Health Courses
The GNU Health Federation

The GNU Health Federation allows the creation of large distributed networks across a region or country. In this course you will learn how to install and manage the main components of the GNU Health Federation, interconnect heterogeneous systems through Thalamus ( the GNUHealth Federation Message Server), and to design and build effective health networks.

You will also learn the integration of MyGNUhealth Personal Health Record and how to link the person with the system of health.

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GNU Health Courses
Security, Privacy and User Administration

Medical Data and patient privacy are one of the most critical aspects in a Hospital Management information system. In this course, you will learn how to properly design the GNU Health implementation to minimize the compromise of your Health institution. We'll go through the main aspects at operating system, network, database and GNU Health Kernel.

At application level, you'll learn about the user roles and groups. We will also explain the GNUHealth crytpo packages that use public key cryptography to sign documents. We'll go through the European Union GDPR and the use of GNU Health to meet each country current legislation.

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General Information

The participants should have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming, a foundation of relational databases and administration of GNU / Linux systems or FreeBSD. The course uses terminology from the biomedical fields and standards of the industry. It is advisable to have basic concepts of epidemiology and administration of health centers (finance, stock, human resources, insurances …)

Academy price:

5-day 15 hours course EUR 1400 / non-members
EUR 980 / GNU Solidario member

Registration and Reservations:

Thymbra donates 10% of the courses revenues to GNU Solidario (GNU Health project)